Kyndryl introduces Threat Insights Service for AWS

New service for Amazon Security Lake to provide businesses with enhanced security operations and management capabilities.

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Kyndryl has introduced the Kyndryl Threat Insights Managed Service is available using Amazon Security Lake. The service automatically centralizes an organisation’s security data from across their Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments, to provide customers with greater visibility, driving enhanced identification, mitigation, and response of sophisticated cybersecurity risks.

The announcement builds on Kyndryl’s successful collaboration with AWS, under which the companies have co-invested and co-innovated to build differentiated, scalable security and resiliency offerings. The Kyndryl Threat Insights Managed Service uses Amazon Security Lake to centralise data and apply analysis, resulting in deep insights not possible with siloed, disparate security technologies.

Through the service, Kyndryl provides customers with options for:

Enhanced cyber resilience: Using an integrated approach coupling security and resiliency improves a customer’s ability to anticipate, protect, withstand, and recover from cyber incidents. Kyndryl Threat Insights Managed Service bolsters an organisation’s ability to better anticipate and protect against cyber threats and business-critical operational disruptions.

Improved visibility and simplicity to mitigate cybersecurity risk: Mitigating risk is a key challenge as digital estates transform and grow in complexity to meet business objectives. Through the service, customers use a single pane view into their security and resiliency risks. This helps accelerate their decision-making capabilities for faster intelligence-driven threat detection and more effective and informed response.

Security operations, including artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML)-empowered analysis: Anomaly detection with threat intelligence enhancement, coupled with AI/ML-based analysis, allows the service to assess security data, provide insights and prioritise investigation. This results in actionable security insights that allow customers to benefit from an integrated approach for greater detection and automated response, which simultaneously enhances customers’ compliance initiatives.

“Security leaders understand that cyber incidents are inevitable, and they know it’s essential to have sufficient visibility to drive quick response,” said Michelle Weston, VP of Security & Resiliency, Kyndryl. “By joining Kyndryl's deep cybersecurity expertise with the benefits of Amazon Security Lake, we can address the urgent need for an integrated approach to security and resilience, empowering our customers to not only anticipate and protect against threats, but also to quickly withstand and recover.”

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