Buy-back campaign facilitates UPS upgrades

Eaton picks up the ball to help businesses to upgrade their UPS systems via its newly launched ‘Trade In 2024’ buy-back campaign.

Keeping star performers in top condition is critical to the success of any team, and when it comes to power protection of critical IT Infrastructure, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are undoubtedly the star of the show. To underline the point, Eaton, the intelligent power management company, is launching a new campaign called ‘Trade In 2024’ which will kick off in countries across Europe this Spring.

Running from 1st April to 30th June 2024, this trade in campaign is designed to make the life of IT Managers easier by allowing them to buy a new best-in-class UPS, while disposing of their old one in an environmentally responsible way.

The offer is available through Eaton’s official IT Partners, and it applies to a wide range of Eaton’s line-interactive and online UPS models, suited for any Distributed IT Infrastructure.

Martin Green, Eaton UK & Ireland IT Channel Sales Director, said: “This campaign is part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and providing value to our customers. By trading in their old UPS, customers can not only upgrade to the latest technology at a reduced cost, but also contribute to reducing electronic waste by ensuring their old devices are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.”

By participating in this campaign, customers can enjoy the benefits of a well-performing UPS, including:

· Continuity of operations – Eaton’s latest UPS systems provide reliable power backup, ensuring that business operations continue seamlessly, even during power outages.

· Data protection - safeguarding against data loss or corruption through safe system shutdown or switch to backup power during power disruptions.

· Device protection - mitigating the risk of damage to sensitive IT equipment by regulating power supply during voltage spikes or fluctuations.

· Efficiency and compatibility - newer UPS systems are more energy-efficient, reducing the energy costs. They also offer better compatibility with the existing IT infrastructure and come with improved features, such as better management software or improved power factor.

Martin Green of Eaton added: “Regularly updating UPS systems helps protect IT infrastructure, prevent data loss, and safeguard valuable equipment. Together with our IT Channel Partners, we provide businesses with expert advice to ensure a smooth transition from their existing UPS towards a newer solution that’s tailored to their needs, ensuring a perfect fit every time.”

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