Possibly the most eagerly anticipated (and over-hyped?!) topic since virtualization, the combination of 5G networks and edge applications promises a whole new world of business possibilities. Here we look at the when, the why and the how, to make sure you are fully prepared to take advantage of this game-changing technology combination.
News Articles
Move to Proximity’s Swindon edge data centre a reality for The GRID Factory Proximity meets requirements for Edge-based immersive VR and AR experiences.
IoT connectivity survey highlights hardware and commercial flexibility concerns More than eight out of ten respondents (84%) in Kaleido Intelligence IoT survey, sponsored by Eseye, cited hardware design as the top challenge for initial IoT deployments.
NTT to extend the world’s largest connected stadium In milestone for female cycling, NTT will bring fans closer to the action.
Ericsson, Qualcomm and Thales to take 5G into space The activity follows approval for satellite-driven 5G non-terrestrial networks (5G NTNs) from the 3GPP global telecommunications standards’ body.
Lumen expands Edge Computing Solutions into Europe Businesses in the region can now tap into the power of the Lumen platform to deploy applications and workloads at the cloud edge.
Proximity opens Bristol edge colocation data centre Latest colocation facility at heart of one of UK’s largest regions.
Full steam ahead for edgecasting trial Proof-of-concept with Netskrt to deliver ‘at-home’ streaming quality of more than 6,000 titles from ITV Hub.
Zero trust forms part of Industry 5.0 transformation Leading global manufacturer leverages Zscaler’s integrated user protection and experience monitoring to provide business users and manufacturing systems with secure, high performance, VPN-free access to cloud and private applications.
Fraport and NTT to build Europe’s largest Private 5G Network at Frankfurt airport Strategic partnership for future-oriented airport operations – 5G technology enables high bandwidth and real-time data transfer.
Nokia selected by Bharti Airtel for 5G deployment Award of contract for the roll out of 5G radio access network with approximately 45% market share.
Public Cloud 5G workloads to grow at 88 percent CAGR A new report, “5G Workloads on the Public Cloud” by Dell’Oro Group projects that 5G workloads on the public cloud will grow revenues at an 88 percent compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) and cumulative revenues are estimated at $4.6 billion over the 5-year forecast period 2022-2026. The report finds that the vast majority of 5G SA networks will be in the Telco Cloud, limiting the short-term opportunity for the Public Cloud to host 5G workloads.
IoT security fears fall by over 30% Data privacy regulation a top three challenge for IoT adopters.
BT and Nokia claim European first Combining four channels of spectrum on a 5G standalone network.
Payments industry plans for 5G proliferation - Clear Junction Dima Kats, CEO of Clear Junction, talks to DW about the promise of 5G for the payments industry, highlighting not just the opportunities the technology will provide, but also the potential challenges around solution scalability and security. Dima also explains how the pandemic has served to emphasise the importance of organisations such as Clear Junction having the agility to respond to fast, major changes in the way in which its customers interact with consumers right across the globe.
A flexible edge - central to a successful data centre strategy DCS talks with Sam Prudhomme, Subzero Engineering’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, discussing the problems of planning for edge applications without any certainty as to when, where and how they will need to be delivered by means of an organisation’s data centre infrastructure. Speed of construction, flexibility, agility and scalability are key, which is why Subzero Engineering has taken a slightly different approach when it comes to designing the Essential Micro Data Centre.
Edge takes centre stage for Proximity John Hall, Managing Director Colocation, Proximity Data Centres, explains the company’s strategy as it builds out a network of 20 or so regional, or edge, UK colocation data centres. With the halfway point already in sight, he is confident that the company’s business model is an attractive proposition for a variety of customers. John also shares some fascinating insights as to how he sees the data centre industry developing over time, as it tries to reconcile increasing demand with its sustainability responsibilities.
Expert Opinions
An edge explosion? Andy Connor, EMEA Channel Director, Subzero Engineering, outlines this edge explosion and examines the crucial role of the modular, micro data center in delivering digital transformation.
Edge infrastructure models – solving the architectural challenges of 5G and Edge Computing It’s no secret that edge computing and 5G are intrinsically linked. 5G networks can be up to 500% faster than 4G and support a 100x increase in traffic capacity, but edge computing is central to realising this promise, providing compute and storage power that eliminates backhaul latency issues inherent to a reliance on a central data centre. By Jon Abbot, EMEA Telecom Strategic Clients Director for Vertiv
The Edge is Now Edge computing delivers information at the moment it is needed. Edge computing, simply said, is about reducing the information located in a centralized server, so it is freed up from the issues surrounding latency, bandwidth and geographic distance, making applications such as AI, IoT and 5G much easier to successfully accomplish. By definition, edge computing is moving user data away from a server of origin and closer to the user who needs it – at the edge. By Laura Roman, CMO at EDJX
Why combining computing, networking, and data management delivers an unbeatable edge strategy Organisations are looking to implement the solid building blocks of their edge infrastructure, propelled by the expectation that this will deliver lower latency and resilient, secure and high-performing applications. By Kris Beevers, CEO, NS1
The future of urban network: The relationship between edge-cloud and 5G By Alex Roditis & James Arias, Co-founders of Weaver Labs
5G: what next? By Patrick Hirscher, Zyxel’s EMEA LTE/5G Market Development Manager
Enabling successful 5G rollouts through effective orchestration By Brooke Frischemeier, Sr Director of Product Management at Robin.io
The Case for 5G Private Networks: Competitive Edge or Costly Distraction? By Paul Marshall, Co-Founder, Eseye
Living life on the Edge – the biggest shake-up yet in the cloud market By Simon Bennett, CTO EMEA at Rackspace Technology
Operators need to go beyond 3GPP if the public is to trust 5G models By Shai Haim, Radware’s 5G network security specialist.
Mobile gaming to unlock the power of the edge Ben Bloomfield, Head of Strategy at CIN, argues mobile gaming is one of the use cases he can see driving the edge toward critical mass in the coming years.
Harnessing 5G and Edge Computing to Futureproof Business By Andy Horn, CEO of IntraLAN.